GW-LL347 and GW-LL480 Long Life Microprocessor Photocontrol

Warranted for 20 years and designed for 28, Gateway International 360's Long-Life photocontrols were designed for the demands of HID and solid-state lighting (SSL).


  • LED luminaires that require dusk-to-dawn control


  • The GW-LL347 and GW-LL480 are specifically designed to provide long life, enhanced light sensitivity and superior surge protection when used with LED luminaries
  • Anti-UV, impact resistant polypropylene cover
  • Filtered Silicon Light Sensor - sensitive to sunlight but not LED
  • Sealed relay
  • Four MOVs rated for 1720/10,000 amp each. 430 each.
  • Base gasket has a continuous use temperature of 105C
  • 2-5 Seconds turn-off delay
  • Heavy .105 inch thick wall COLOR cover standard -- other colors optional
  • IP-65