The MagicBar® is a magic pole, it is a modular and flexible lighting system can easily integrate control systems, loudspeakers, surveillance cameras, emergency alarm buttons, electrical vehicle chargers (EV), meteorological sensors, Wi-Fi hotspots, 4/5G antenna and mobile broadband and projector (for special events and company logos for advertisements that can paid for the system installed. Simply choose your combination, secure the modules on the pole, plug the connectors and your MagicBar® is ready to enhance your environment. Much more than a lighting system, MagicBar® brings added value to outdoor living spaces in areas of sea and lake fronts, pathways, special events, sporting events, walkways, piers, packing lots and so many other creative areas.. It goes far beyond lighting by integrating features such as loudspeakers, CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi, Emergency Alarms, USB chargers and a light ring. It offers unlimited opportunities to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors. Thanks, to its flexible and modular design, MagicBar® is a completely energy efficient yet affordable smart city solution that requires very low maintenance. By leveraging this smart system, managers of cities and privately managed sites infrastructure can secure better services and infrastructure for themselves and their citizens. In addition, MagicBar® is a sustainable solution, available with a specific coating that makes it adapted to demanding environments.


Smart Lighting System
Smart streetlights are the gateway to a true smart city. By leveraging this infrastructure, cities can provide people-centered smart services that improve sustainable mobility, heighten safety, enhance comfort, preserve wildlife, connect people everywhere, support public services and stimulate social interactions.
Connectivity WIFI and 4/5G
As it can integrate various connectivity modules, MagicBar® offers a robust and fast internet connection for outdoor public areas. The bandwidth can be divided to assign a part to city operators with the other part available for the public so people can stay connected. Designed to provide internet in outdoor spaces, the WIFI modules are suited for both cities and privately-owned facilities. MagicBar® also offers telecom operators the possibility to acquire sites to deploy 4G/5G in cities.
Weather Sensor
The integrated Weather sensor functions in MagicBar®, such as temperature and humidity, Air pressure and other parameters. These sensors resist changes in temperature and humidity and provide basic weather data.
CCTV Camera
The cameras integrated in MagicBar® include image optimization features such as night vision, superior contrasts, high brightness, and backlight compensation, 360° PTZ IP cameras. These cameras resist variations in temperature and humidity and can offer advanced event detection and video analytics.
Emergency Alarm
The MagicBar® can be fitted with a stainless-steel vandal resistant SIP and IP intercom. With its active background noise cancellation and its automatic volume adjustment, it ensures a good sound quality to communicate with control room operators or emergency services. As an option, a micro-camera can be integrated to provide video images.
The MagicBar® integrated loudspeaker provides high-quality audio.
USB Charger
The MagicBar® integrated have USB port charger.
Designed Warranty
12+ years, and design for 20.
Other features upon request