GW-LL135-1.5TS-40-W/MD-APP, Extreme Long Life 1720 J, Micro-Photoelectric Control and Motion Detection Sensor (Combined) with Close Loop Bluetooth Smart APP

GW-LL135-1.5TS-40-W/MD-APP (GW-135) a “Closed Loop System”, with 128-bit AES HW encryption, with a secondary authentication code between smart phone and GWI server. Twistlock Dimming Controller C136.10, whereas the GW-132 is an Internal enclosure for decorative lighting, but can be placed internally in fixtures without a 7-PIN receptacle wired directly to the driver. The feature is the same both units and are user-friendly APP with smartphone(s) application with parent and slave controls/node working with application wireless High Power Bluetooth Mesh V5.0 for street/road lighting 3,740 feet/1,140 meters between poles “MESH” system. based on contour of land. an advanced, GWI modular design is highly flexible solution for today's increasingly demanding Ultra Low Power, Ultra-Long Range, and higher throughput applications in the IoT world. Inherent industry-grade security is essential in today's applications, a cryptographic accelerator is embedded. If unit/node and/or fixture it will fail off and send an alert to parent storage to be collected until Smart Phone is close to Parent Node to send the alerts back to the Smartphone in a report format of fixture by identification tag number. GW-135 Motion Detection (MD), the APP can turn On/Off the MD with and without schedule. The MD units with pole height 14-24 feet/4.3-8 meters height +/- 10% and will sense pedestrians, motorized and peddle bicycles and other define objects (optional).

The core components utilize an enhanced 51 kernel control chip and an online Bluetooth Mesh wireless communication module. As a result, the product is powerful, lightweight, reliable, easy to install and maintain, and 2/3 the cost of any current intelligent control systems on the market. The GW-130 and GW-132 meets the Mesh Protocol of Bluetooth Smart V5.0 communication standards and provides advantages such as flexible networking, strong antiinterference/long distance communications of up to 3,740 feet (1140 meters) between nodes and/or nodes to enhance duplication, and the ability to support multiple groups of streetlights with a maximum of infinity nodes. The GW-135 has a built-in light control circuit to automatically detect light intensity in the external environment and turn the streetlight on or off accordingly. It is FCC, Certification ID: modular X8WBT840X.


  • DC power supply, low power consumption
  • Meets UL733 and C136.41 ANSI/NEMA interface standard
  • Microwave anti-error triggering, both indoor and outdoor
  • Automatic dynamic microwave frequency adjustment to avoid mutual interference in dense installation
  • Small size, suitable for installation in most street/roadway lightings
  • 0~10V dimming interface
  • Light sensor + microwave sensor, on-demand lighting, more power saving
  • Interference lighting filtering
  • Street/roadway lighting reflection filter (Bat PR)
  • IP66
  • Automatic connection between the smartphone application and nodes within 5 seconds NOTE both Bluetooth and power to the fixtures MUST be on
  • Evacuation/SOS strobe function
  • Automatic reset following a power outage as to the next schedule point
  • Each fixture icon will have an identification, “PR” can be turn On/Off with and without schedule
  • Each NODE has capability of Calendar/Day Light Saving Time
  • Fixture/NODE with issue will fail off
  • Motion Detection (MD), the APP can turn On/Off the MD with and without schedule
  • Close Loop System
  • Smart APP’s is Android and IOS on Smartphone, Tablet and Notebook
  • FCC Certificate: X8WBT84X
  • Distance between poles, 3,740 feet/1,140 meters
  • Recovery ALERTS off fixtures failures from the Parent Node to the Smartphone
  • Security: AES128 encryption and authentication code between Smartphone and customer and/or GWI server via cloud
  • Dimming capabilities from 1-100 by increments of one
  • Separated multi-infinite streets/roads application with the same APP
  • Each fixture icon on the Smartphone APP will have an identification number within the group
  • Each NODE has capability of Calendar/Day Light Saving Time
  • Fixture/NODE with issue will fail off
  • Parent/node will save failed fixture data/alerts and can forwarded them to the Smartphone
  • Separated multi-infinite streets/roads application. From one Fixtures to infinite
  • Uses 7-Pin and meets C136.10 configuration
  • 81,000 cycles On/Off
  • All mesh messages are encrypted and authenticated
  • Network security, application security, and device security are addressed independently
  • Security keys can be changed during the life of the mesh network via a Key Refresh procedure
  • Message obfuscation makes it difficult to track messages sent within the network providing a privacy mechanism to make it difficult to track nodes
  • Mesh security protects the network against replay attacks
  • The process by which devices are added to the mesh network to become nodes, is itself a secure process
  • Nodes can be removed from network securely, in a way which prevents trashcan attacks
  • ARM CryptoCell-310 cryptographic co-processor
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