Controller GW-210-RTU700-G4, which is based on the scene of roadway and street lighting , relying on years of experience in the research and development of control and equipment integration, independent research and development, with the control of road loop, detection, monitoring controller.

The Controller GW-210-RTU700-G4 integrates management and control, acquisition of AC data, localized application management and remote-control management. It is mainly used for the remote control and management of street light cabinet and provides a stable and intelligent Internet of things channel between the power supply system and monitoring system. It helps the owner to manage the equipment power supply, networking and control based on the Internet of things. It is widely used in remote monitoring, remote control, remote maintenance, security management and other fields.


Scope Of Application


Applicable close to the loop control and monitoring of roadway and street lighting, parking, park and garage lighting. The function of control can be extended from loop control to fixture control.




  • Built-in multi-channel relay control, achieve external AC contactor control.
  • Built-in multiple DI detection for measuring external sensors or AC power supply.
  • The three-phase AC meter detects AC voltage, current, power, power factor, energy consumption.
  • Power leakage alarm.
  • Fault detection on power supply and external devices, customized setting for alarm parameters, automatic notification.
  • The real time debugging and operation status of the device could be read remotely in web browser.
  • Support local WiFi debugging.
  • Support local and remote upgrade.
  • Support USB device extension to connect external device.
  • Support WebSocket, TCP/IP, MQTT connections.
  • Support GPS positioning, for automatic map acquisition.
  • Built-in RTC enables scheduled task of the device based on time.