GW-101A/B Wire-in Button Type Photocontrol

The GW-101A/B is applicable to control the street lighting automatically in accordance with the ambient lighting level.

This product has been listed by UL Inc and is comply with the Standard for Non-industrial Photoelectric switches for Lighting Control UL773A. It is normal for the SWITCH to take several minutes to turn off when first installed.

To test “turn on” during daytime, cover its eye with GW-103 F or other opaque material.


Test will take approximately 2 minutes

Waterproof Cap -S

Intended to double protect the sensor lens. It helps the switch to work better against hard environment.

Filtering Film -F

Intended for field adjusting preset On/Off levels with Waterproof Cap. It offers performance with earlier turning-on and later turning-off.

Wall Mount Plate -W

Intended for wall mounting.