GW-190-LCU16LTE-4G & GW-200-LCU12-4G


The GW-190-LCU16LTE-4G can be used at any location that can receive LTE (4G) Signal. The Main function of the LTE(4G) wireless communication, is that there is no limited of controller/nodes and transmission. The unit supports 3 dimming modes: PWM, 0-10V and DALI. It uses a base station provided by local network operator with no need to install gateways and remote real time control and scheduled lighting by group or individual fixtures. It also comes with an alarm on the fixture failure with other options of pole tilt, GPS, and RTC.


  • CSA051 Alliance Standard
  • Zhaga Interface
  • Plug and Play Connection and Communication
  • NEMA C136.10 ready
  • PC, Tablet, and APP ready
  • Controller, Verizon and AT&T w/SIM card certified device
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