GW-1500 Intelligent Control Integ. Concentrator for GW-150


The GW-1500 integrated concentrator is a gateway controller for the GW-150 wireless lighting control system vigorously developed by Gateway International 360. The core components adopts wireless communication modules, a 4G communication module, and a high-performance ARM chip in combination with professional hardware and software designs, enabling easy wire-free installation, reliable work and easy maintenance. It meets the IEEE802.15.4 protocol for wireless communication and the TCP/IP protocol, and is equipped with professional switching power supply. The features include a timing switch luminaire, strategic control luminaire, control of grouped or single luminaires in terms of the collection and storage of working voltage, electric energy and other data. The GW-1500 provides real-time monitoring of group luminaires, collection and reporting of group luminaire parameters as well as the issuance of platform control commands. It includes wireless communication modules and an 8G SD memory card inside, which can rapidly report the working conditions of the luminaires on site with data storage.


  • Mainframe of 9-24V, wide DC voltage input
  • The input of 100-240Vac is available after configuration of standard power supply
  • Uplink communication mode : 4G
  • Downlink communication mode: Wireless
  • Control function. Accept platform command and issue switch or dimming commands to terminal nodes
  • Data collection function. Collect the working status and data of terminal nodes and report to the platform
  • Maximum 256 nodes
  • Encryption function - Effectively protect data and prevent data loss or distortion
  • Power down detection, power failure self-protection
  • Time function: automatic time calibration function
  • Automatic operation: Automatically connect to server for networking operation, without manual setting
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