Introducing GWI EV-Chargers

GWI, a leading production process, industrial engineering/design, IP54 and IP65 protection grades, GWI EV charger has the characteristics of high strength, flame resistance, high temperature resistance and good heat dissipation, and is equipped with necessary moisture proof, mildew proof, rainproof, UV flame retardant and fireproof, insulation, anti-salt spraying anti-corrosion (anti-oxidation) , which can meet the environmental requirements of the equipment.

Double layer anti-rust measures adopted for the shell the charging station exposed iron support and parts. The non-ferrous metal shell also has antioxidation protective film or antioxidation treatment, to improve the environmental reliability of the shell of the charging pile, making the charging pile easy to use, adorable, easy to install and flexible, and can be integrated with the third-party system.

Today everyone is talking about energy preserving, environmental protection, global warming, and deteriorating habitation issues. EV emerged for this need a long with increased people driving EV. Well as important as the development of EV itself, the infrastructure, and accessories of powering those EV are equally critical to speed up this motion. So, we decide to take in, and to devote our efforts in the EVSE industry.

Founded in 2015, GWI 360 started in roadway/street LED Street photo controls, dimming controls, Magic Bar and Smart Pole Intelligent Controls review, but is not new to Electric industry. GWI has been manufacturing electric products for 10 years. GWI engineers and management team are from our consortium of key asset of GWI 360, who independently designed our charging station, which is different from other existing models in the market, and our relentlessly pursuing better, faster, more convenient new models.

The products we do mostly include type 1, type 2, type 3, one phase, three phase, level two voltage, 16A, 32A, 40A, 48A, 70A, 80A current, 3.5kw, 7kw, 10kw, 11kw, 22kw charging station of SAE J1172 and IEC 62196-2 standards for home use (residential) and commercial usage, which covers most market needs in most countries. DC series type 3, 30kw, 60kw, 120kw, 240kw, 300kw and 380kw with single and dual ports, see metric for full product offering (click here).

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