Gateway International 360's end-to-end capabilities extends to order fulfillment and inventory management. Regardless of where you are, or where your customer's are located, GWI assure prompt delivery of goods to your customers, and seamless, cost-effective, inventory and supply chain management that enhances your bottom line.

Order Fulfillment

Gateway International 360 can provide a comprehensive, flexible, worldwide order fulfillment program to ensure that your products get to their destination as efficiently as possible — and that you end with savings in time and dollars. We can manage tour entire distribution system, coordinating forecasts throughout the world, accepting orders from multiple locations or channels and shipping directly to global locations with warehousing in Bear (Delaware), Carlsbad (California), El Paso (Texas) and Juarez, Mexico.

Our team includes worldwide shipping experts with extensive knowledge of import/export requirements, duties and other logistics associated with global distribution and inventory management programs.

Inventory Management

Numerous inventory management options are available for Gateway International 360 customers. All offer the most advanced systems and technologies, with flexibility for sudden changes in volume requirements. We partner with customers to develop the optimal inventory management program based on individual production needs, and work with our vendors to ensure support from the entire supply chain. Inventory management programs currently in place include:

  • Finished goods Kanban
  • Sub-assembly Kanban (prior to final configuration)
  • Finished goods Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) at customer location
  • Finished goods VMI at location
  • Min/Max programs