Gateway International 360's end-to-end Global Team Solutions provider of smart lighting controls, Magicbar, dimming with and without motions detections control w/Bluetooth APP and Standard photo electric control On/Off has more than 4 strategic partners globally in Costa Rica, China, Malaysia, with warehouse in Mexico, Costa Rica, Delaware, California and Texas for our overseas and domestic business.

Gateway international joint ventures bring together the best in implementing state-of -the-art solutions and product to more than 80 countries, 200 cities or regions all over the world in the past 5 years. Our team is made of the number ONE (1) IOT company for the last 11 years, and total group invention patents more ten 90 international and USA patents and management systems solutions software copyright Gateway International 360 Team bring manage team from executives, scientist/Electrics/Software, and mechanical engineers with Masters, PHD and specializing certifications. Our organization goal and object is to bring the best in technologies and management together to bring a "total system solutions" to your organization to enhance your local, state and federal bottom line. It's our management group that can react to you needs quickly with our flat organization where all others companies in controls and light fixtures is large and not quick to time in getting information back to your organization.